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Paralleling the trend in human health care toward
alternative, non-invasive approaches is the
understanding that animals also benefit from these
Research has shown that therapy can assist in
rapidly speeding-up the healing process and
assisting the animal return to its previous
functional level faster & safer than without
The techniques and treatments are similar to those
used in human therapy but are
specifically adapted
to animals and performed by trained, educated
professionals. Every animal is unique and every
therapy program is therefore individualized to suit
his/her particular needs and issues.             

Physical therapy by definition is a scientifically-based
health care profession directed at evaluating, restoring
and maintaining physical function and movement.
Physical Therapy is not a substitute for primary veterinary care.  
Treatment done by qualified referral only under vet supervision.
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Are you aware of the proposed regulation by the CA Veterinary Medical Board to restrict rehab services
(including massage and exercise) to all animals (small and large) to only vets (& licensed PTs or RVTs under
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